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Singapore calls on islanders to protect the environment and put an end to waste - E-line packaging international information

in order to cooperate with cleaning and greening Singapore 2015, the National Environment Agency launched two challenge competitions to encourage the public, schools and enterprises to respond to the call, develop good habits in daily life through participation, and maintain environmental sanitation in Singapore

the keep Singapore clean campaign led by the Singapore Public Health Council, the Singapore charity campaign Council and the beautify the Lion City Youth Committee jointly launched the great challenge of cleaning highlights, hoping to invite more enterprises, institutions, universities and individuals to do their part to improve the health of individual corners in the community

Liu Liwei, deputy director of the National Environment Administration (community and outreach), said at the meeting: there are currently 300 model areas of sanitation in the whole island. We hope that through this vigorous promotion, the number of model areas can be increased to 500 by the end of next year

he said that the public can participate in this challenge through three steps. First, they need to decide the place they want to love with their colleagues, classmates or neighbors, and then automatically develop a series of activities to improve the sanitation and cleanliness of this place. Finally, I will share my story and experience with others through the Public Health Council Station

another activity launched yesterday is the daily challenge of waste free. The Environment Bureau hopes to invite the public to challenge themselves and their relatives and friends to slightly change their lifestyle in daily life, so as to reduce the garbage produced and benefit the environment and the community

to participate in this challenge is actually very simple. The public only needs to consciously ensure that they do not waste food and reduce garbage on any day from November 8 to June 30 next year

Sueanne mocktar, senior deputy director of the Coordination Department of the environment bureau (people, capital and government), said that the public can participate in the challenge in a variety of ways, such as uploading photos on social media instagram at the fifth session of the 102nd National People's Congress, Facebook and twitter, to show how they spend a waste free day

the photos uploaded by the public can be empty plates without a grain of rice left in the rotation direction of the inspection machine after a full meal; Bring lunch boxes to work and reduce the use of disposable containers. The public can also promise to participate in the waste free day at the cleaning and greening Singapore 2015 jianian but assuming that the problem of parts appears in the equipment measurement process, or at other activities organized by the environment bureau

the Environment Bureau hopes to eventually collect 50000 promises or photos

in addition to encouraging people not to make garbage and litter to protect the environment, the newly released 2015 sustainable Singapore development blueprint also mentioned that the government plans to move towards the goal of zero waste

this includes the expansion of the Singapore product packaging agreement, the installation of garbage bins for the disposal of recycled items in all new government housing estates, the construction of a multi-purpose waste incineration plant to better collect recycled items, and further reduce the waste of food and electronic products

the blueprint will increase the national recycling rate in 2030 from the current 61% to 70%, and the recycling rate of household waste from the current 20% to 30%

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