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Singapore launched self colored glass, or will be used as a battery

recently, experts from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed self colored glass. It can automatically change color in the day when the sun is high, absorb ultraviolet and thermal radiation, and can charge at the same time, and supply power for vehicle electrical equipment (dashboard, reading lights, windows, etc.), so as to restore transparency at night and maintain a good line of sight. It can be said that it is not only UV resistant glass, but also a battery that can be charged and discharged

nowadays, most windows are made of two pieces of glass with a layer of ultra-thin polyvinyl butyral (resin) sandwiched between them, while the self coloring glass is plated with a layer of indium tin oxide (a thin film, transparent and conductive, commonly used in computer and TV displays) on the two pieces of glass, and the middle is filled with charging solution. The two pieces of glass are connected by wires. When there is sunlight, the electrolyte produces chemical reaction. What is the technology of instruments and meters? It should discharge and turn blue at the same time. You can add pads and tighten the screws to absorb more than 50% of the heat radiation and ultraviolet rays. If it is in cold winter, you can manually cut off the power supply to keep the glass in a transparent state if necessary. At present, this technology can supply power for small electrical equipment in the vehicle, and it may be expanded to a larger power in the future, and it is not impossible to become a part of electric vehicles

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