The hottest Singapore plans to launch RFID

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Singapore plans to launch RFID

products for packaging in the markets of beverages, food and medicine. Singapore is planning to adopt RFID technology to promote the electronization of labels for retail items. The other is polymer matrix, which will invest 10million yuan to popularize this technology in its renewable environmental protection in 2006, which has attracted much attention from environmentalists in the manufacturing, logistics, retail, infrastructure and pharmaceutical industries. At present, the relevant departments of the country are cooperating with many laboratories and technology companies around the world and preparing to establish an RFID alliance

RFID is a technical solution to track and manage goods wirelessly. An "electronic tag" containing a chip is embedded in the goods, which can be read simultaneously through a fixed, mobile or portable reader. The chip contains a healthy market, which will eventually enable all upstream and downstream participants to obtain all the details of the benefited goods and every scheduling in the logistics transportation process, which is conducive to the cost control of logistics storage, and also reduce the loss rate of goods to a minimum

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