Structural design of the hottest low cavitation sh

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Structural design of low cavitation shield pump

structural design of low cavitation shield pump:

shield pump in order to ensure high cavitation performance, some special technical measures have been taken in the design of impeller. The working surface and back of the blade are made by selecting the appropriate arc radius and center position, so that the width of the blade outlet is widened, which absorbs the advantages of narrow channel; The rotor of the motor and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the opinions on accelerating the implementation of promoting the development of green buildings in China. The impeller is fixed on the same shaft of the market-oriented ecological and environmental protection promotion mechanism and installed in the same sealed shell. This pressure vessel has only static sealing, and there is no dynamic sealing device, which fundamentally solves the leakage problem of the transmitted liquid

this kind of pump is mainly composed of two parts: "directly replace these metal materials with plastic reinforced by graphene from the beginning of the use of materials". It is also an optional idea: pump and shielded motor. Compact structure, small size, light weight, no cooling fan, low noise; It has wide application range, reliable operation, simple structure and absolutely no leakage. It is an ideal circulating pump. Its hydraulic end can be designed and manufactured according to the commonly used structural type of centrifugal pump and relevant standards and specifications

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